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i want all of this. bad.


ph: my own

crazy to think it's been a month since i was in vancouver for the OBAKKI show!
gahhh i loved every look! i mean pink fuzz? ombré? can it please be fall already?!
the location served as the perfect backdrop- a gorgeous church, lit by glowing candles.
it was great to be there on such a high energy night for vancouver fashion.
i ♥ obakki.


elle | frankie han

i'm always drawn to the really delicate or the really edgy.
sometimes hard to mix, so i love finding that perfect balance of both.



styled perfectly. that silver cuff!


Just like cell phones, timepieces do a lot more than tell the time nowadays and designs have to truly reflect this fact – so check out the LED Bars Lady concept watch. It’s just like a piece of fashion jewelry – in other words, it doesn’t look like a real watch at first sight. But that’s exactly what I like about it. The decorative aspect allows you to look far beyond the standard purpose of a hand watch. Designed Laszl (famous designer from Hungary), this watch/bracelet is made from semi translucent plastic and LED lights that are visible only when active. The LED light on the right is the minute and the LED light on the left hand side is the hour. This cool watch can be found in a couple of color combinations - white with lights LED lights and black featuring red LED lights. Which one is your favorite?


giovanna kills it every time! always so polished + put together.
plus, she always knows how to add a the perfect amount of edge...
i mean did you see her vintage sprouse dress at cannes?!
i posted it on the whowhatwear blog -- to die for!

ph: my iphone + instagram

it's decided. these will be my summer staples.
ever since seeing the fishtail braids in the obakki f/w show, i was hooked.
the rag & bone hat is a given... i mean their hats are perfection!

ps- my promised obakki f/w pics will be up this week! you'll love/die/drool/want everything ♥

wonderland | ami sioux


1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Drape Back Sweater
2. Juicy Couture Panama Style Straw with Band Fedora
3. Dallin Chase Boucle Shorts
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Round Sunglasses
5. CC SKYE The Onie Messenger Bag
6. Deborah Lippman nail polish in Supermodel
7. Noir Jewelry Pyramid Bracelet
8. Elizabeth and James Love Knotted Suede Sandals

ph: unknown

poppy delevigne always looks so rested + bright.


studded hearts | 3.1 phillip lim




ELLE streetchic


ph: my own

just got this perfectly sheer sweater from A.L.C. + i am in love! A.L.C. is a major favorite-
you've probably noticed i often include pieces from the line in my outfit collages.
the line is created by one of my all time favorite stylists/designers- andrea lieberman ♥
i have always admired the work she has done with gwen stefani, one of my idols
growing up, so when i heard that andrea was releasing her own line, i was ecstatic!
needless to say this sweater is one of my must-haves for spring- get it here.


vogue italia

adore this. i want it blown up + framed.


Iris van Herpen X United Nude Crystallization

i mean...


phill taylor + vanessa jackman


marie claire korea


1. Tigerlily Callicore Cover Up Top
2. Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses in Black
3. Current/Elliott The Wide Leg Lounge Trousers
4. Rag & Bone Bardot Bikini
5. Alexander Wang Marti Backpack / Shoulder Bag
6. Duo Nail Polish in Die-Hard
7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Flat Sandals

Obakki Store Vancouver 1
Obakki Store Vancouver 2
Obakki Store Vancouver 3
Obakki Store Vancouver 4
Obakki Store Vancouver 5
Obakki Store Vancouver 6
Obakki Store Vancouver 7

i went to vancouver a couple weeks ago for the OBAKKI F/W 2011 show + had an AMAZING
time! i had a chance to visit their gorgeous store + check out all of the lovely S/S 2011
collection. the prints were dreamy, the bags were buttery soft + margot, who manages the
store, had the best hair color ever! i've been looking for a way to subtly add pink to my
brunette hair, so hers is perfect inspiration. anyway, if you are ever visiting vancouver or
live there, stop by! their team is SUPER nice. if you can't visit, shop their online store.
gahhh so many great things-- i promise you'll find something you ♥.

can't wait for you to see my shots of the F/W 2011 show! posting soon!

phil oh for vogue

adore this look! i need to try thinking outside the box more.
ps- i wanna go to australia so baddddd


vogue paris


John Forsberg is both a psychologist and a church community Pastor. He gives excellent practical advice on how to move out of our comfort zone and start really living life to the full - fulfilling our innermost dreams, heart's desires and life purpose. The journey to personal fulfillment starts here, but there is a price to pay! - A certain amount of risk, fear and even terror may be called for, but Or berg gives some fine advice on how to overcome our anxiety and fears.

The book is witty, well-laced with good humor and full of real-life present day stories to inspire us, as well as drawing on the symbolism of the well-known Gospel story of St. Peter walking on water (and also eventually failing) before he can return to the disciples storm tossed boat, which then becomes calm and safe under the direction of his teacher, Jesus Christ.

Although John Or berg writes from a religious Christian perspective, the book is full of helpful insights and tips which can be helpful to anyone, regardless of their creed or religion or even in the absence of any religious belief.

Book Description
In the six sessions in this curriculum based on the award-winning author's book, Or berg teaches participants the skills essential to "water-walking" in faith with God: discerning God’s call, transcending fear, risking faith, managing failure, and trusting God. The curriculum kit includes a leader's guide, a participant's guide, a DVD video, a VHS video, and a hardcover edition of the book.

Winner of the 2002 Christianity Today Book Award!

You’re One Step Away from the Adventure of Your Life

Deep within you lies the same faith and longing that sent Peter walking across the wind-swept Sea of Galilee toward Jesus. In what ways is the Lord telling you, as he did Peter, "Come"?

John Or berg invites you to consider the incredible potential that awaits you outside your comfort zone. Out on the risky waters of faith, Jesus is waiting to meet you in ways that will change you forever, deepening your character and your trust in God. The experience is terrifying. It’s thrilling beyond belief. It’s everything you’d expect of someone worthy to be called Lord.

The choice is yours to know him as only a water-walker can, aligning yourself with God’s purpose for your life in the process. There’s just one requirement: If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat.

The story of Jesus jogging on the water occurs in of the gospels. But it is only in Matthew that they have the addition of the part about Peter asking Jesus to call him & Peters is later swimming lesson.

Most of the sermons I've heard on the passage about Jesus jogging on water have focused on Peter, who finds himself sinking in to stormy seas when they begins to doubt Jesus. But if they only focus on the moment that Peter sinks, they will have missed the most brilliant & promising part of the story. They can focus on Peter sinking if they need to, & it looks like most of the church does. But that is not the whole story. I need to encourage us to put the failure aside for a time & look at the promise.

Peters is faith may have been weak, but it was much stronger than the remainder of the bunch. Peter had boldness. All of the disciples got safely to the other shore, but only Peter walked on water. How much they have missed if they only keep in mind that Peter sank. This is a passage of promise: In the event you reply in faith to the call of God, you can walk on water. The lesson? In the event you need to walk on the water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.

Peter walks on the water. They walk on the water like Jesus. They sink after a few steps, yes. But for a brief moment, Peter walked on water. Peter showed great faith in getting out of the boat & going to Jesus. The reason they sinks is not because it was wrong to get out of the boat. Peter only sinks when that faith waivers. The greatest failure in this story is not Peter but the remainder of the disciples, who sat huddled in the boat, still wondering in the event that they were seeing a ghost.

They speak about keen to work miracles, keen to do great things for Christ. But yet they don’t need to compromise the comfort & safety of the boat. It can’t happen. Miracles, by definition, are risky--they defy what they think to be the usual order of things. They can’t walk on water without getting out of the boat, without taking the risk.

Miracles are not a result of practical living & common sense. Miracles make no sense at all. In fact, none of our faith makes sense to the parents still sitting in the boat. Children born to virgins don’t make sense. Empty tombs don’t make sense. Choosing death in order to live doesn’t make sense. Ruling by serving doesn’t make sense. Being first by bringing up the rear doesn’t make sense. & it sure doesn’t make sense to step out of a amazingly nice boat at the height of a storm.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that New England folks are not known for risk taking. My father is ancestors came from Scotland & were much more likely to bury their talent than invest it in dicey endeavors. My mother is relatives were all Swamp Yankee fishermen who had horse sense to stay in the boat in the work of a storm. So I need to be clear before I go much farther, that I am not speaking about taking risks for the sake of adventure. That was the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness when Devil tried to get him to jump off the temple & have the angel’s dash to his rescue. You are not going to find me bungee leaping, cliff diving, participating in extreme sports, or taking any holiday without a better than 50/50 shot at coming home again. This is not about putting what God has given to us in jeopardy as an invitation for God to strut His stuff.

But there stands Jesus, outside the boat, making no sense by standing on top of water that ought to be sending him to Davy Jones Locker. They don’t come to us in the way they would expect...growing up in another boat. He is jogging on the water. & in lieu of leaping in to the boat with us & saying, How is it going, guys? They stops outside of the boat, standing on the water, & calls us to come. Jesus doesn’t chide the others for staying in the boat, but later it is Peter to whom Jesus says, you are the rock on which I will build my church. The church is founded on the who dared to get out of the boat.

Peter does take a fabulous risk in getting out of a boat on a dark & stormy night. But the key here is, they doesn’t put out the first toe until Jesus has said to him, Come. If Jesus is not anywhere near our boat, they would be crazy to get out & try to walk on water. They can’t do that on our own. But when God appears on the scene, new possibilities open before us & they listen for the guidance of God. & if God says it is OK, you can take that to the bank. They are not called to be reckless, but they are called to trust.

The issue is--our world does not live by trust. Our watchwords today are words like protection, security, and safe. Whether it is the government, law enforcement, health care, social programs or financial investment they listen to those words as organizations explain their goals & objectives. They must protect our children, make sure social security funding is protected; they have safe schools & need to guard our investments. They have a whole branch of government now dedicated to Homeland Security. & there is nothing wrong with any of that. But when they let our concern for safety & security spill over in to our faith, our faith vanishes & they sink in to the sea.

Faith means nothing if it does not mean risk. Faith & trust go hand in hand, & that means so do faith & risk because trust is a dicey business. You can tell me that you trust me to hold your money until you’re blue in the face, but until you have actually put the money in to my hands, you haven’t trusted. It is the same with faith. You can say, Oh, I have faith in God all you need, but until you get out of the boat, it is only a lot hot air.

There is nothing more important than God, they say. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens they quote. With God all things are feasible. They shout it again & again as they sit comfortably in our boats, calling the ones who talk of getting out & they look at those who do get out of the boat & they condemn their lack of faith in the event that they start to sink, unaware that even as they sink to the bottom of the sea, their faith is greater than ours. They have no business claiming they have any faith whatsoever until they have been willing to get out of the boat when Jesus calls.

As each area of your church leadership examines their own role in making disciples, I invite you to think about how Jesus might be calling you, both individually & as a church, to get out of the boat. I understand that as a church you have wrestled with the issue of whether or not to have a church building of your own. Getting out of the boat might mean a financial leap to acquire property as well as a building. But it also might mean braving the road less traveled & following the example of lots of church buildings, both little & large, who do highly successful ministry free of the constraints & costs of property. God might be calling you to either possibility. It is your job to pray & listen for God is voice. It is only when it is Jesus calling you out of the boat that you can successfully walk on water. Otherwise it is another hare-brained idea & you’ll sink like a rock.

The call of God to all of us is the same now as it ever was, Go & make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Sister & of the Son & of the Holy Spirit, & teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. That commission is represented in the story we’ve read, which begins with the note that the disciples (& later Jesus with them) are headed to the other side of the lake. Back in March I was one time in Israel & I learned there that the other side of the Sea of Galilee is in Gentile territory. Every time that Jesus goes to the other side of the lake, they is going to be with Gentiles. The church exists to make disciples & in the day they forget that they cease to be a church & become a cruise liner, trying to make sure that the passengers are comfortable & have a nice time.

Perhaps Jesus is standing there outside the boat & calling to you, personally. On Easter Sunday I finally stepped out of the comfortable boat of pastoral ministry & became the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Bible Society. It was an brilliantly scary step, but so far, I am still on top of the water. Perhaps God is calling you to a brand spanking new ministry within the church, or a brand spanking new job, or a brand spanking new attitude. I don't like it when Jesus asks me to risk a brand spanking new attitude. I like my elderly ones! Perhaps God is calling you to better stewardship of your time or your money or the environment. Stewardship always seems dicey because they think that if they give more there won’t be left for ourselves, but I have found that when God directs me to give, there is always left over.

Perhaps the kind of risk you are called to has more to do with the way you do ministry than where you do ministry. Would someone in Shrews bury feel comfortable jogging in these doors? Sometimes they think they welcome all people but have subtle clues about who is acceptable & who is not. The new motto of the Massachusetts Bible Society is one book, lots of voices. That represents the lots of voices of the Biblical writers, the lots of voices they write about, the lots of voices they refused to listen to & the lots of voices they regularly ignore or shut out. It represents the lots of voices that interpret Scripture as well as the lots of ways the biblical tales are told the voices of drama, music, graphic art, poetry & fiction. I think it is helpful for every church to think about what voices might not be getting the hearing they deserve.

To this day I don’t know how they did it, but my brother satisfied my sister to try tithing for month. At the finish of the month, they were in the black. My sister went over the books again & again. Their income had not changed. They gave more away. & they had eliminated the red ink. They was up all night. Finally, somewhere around 3-4 in the morning, they called a faith-filled man at our church, waking him from sleep, saying I need what you have. His heart was changed, his life was changed, our relatives were changed. In the event you need to walk on the water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.

Actually, the reality of God is supply is what made a Christian out of my sister. Back in the late 70 is they were not making ends meet as relatives. My brother ran the finances & they & my sister sat down to speak about it. I think they ought to start tithing, they said, & my sister looked at her like they had heads. No, they explained, the issue is that they have little money, not much. Giving more to the church will make our issues worse.

I am not to bang people on the head with Bibles or threaten those made in God is picture with the fires of hell. But I am who believes that there is no better way to live life than with God, & my heart breaks for those who haven’t figured that out yet. To make disciples is my calling; it is also the calling of this church & of every church that bears the name of Jesus Christ. In the event you need to walk on the water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.

Perhaps God is calling you to take what lots of in New England feel is the scariest step of all to share your faith with someone else. Has God ever helped you? Has prayer ever made life a little more bearable? Have you ever found actual comfort in your faith? This week, actual people here in Shrews bury & in the surrounding towns will get scary calls from their doctors. Some will learn they’ve lost a job, some might recognize their relatives is breaking up or might recognize the early signs of Alzheimer are in themselves or a loved. Some might ignore their children or exchange hurtful words with a mate & wonder how to make it right. Is it fair to keep that excellent news hidden inside church walls & hope that whoever needs it will happen to wander in?

A quote I like says, a ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. God calls us to set sail. & one time we’re out on the raging sea, they see God & some new possibilities. Jesus is on the water & bids us come. Do they dare? God is patient with us when they can’t appear to leave the comfort of the boat. But the church was built on Peter, not the others. Are you able to listen to the voice of Jesus saying, Come? In the event you need to walk on the water, you’ve got to get out of the boat. Amen.

harper's bazaar | fashion canada

if you haven't heard- it's chic to wear silk pjs now! hell yes!
i am allll about comfy looks, but just don't be eatin anything greasy in them, haha.


my quirky shopcuffs wish list collage- how amaze are the printed bell bottoms?! ♥

-shop HERE-


mr. newton

i find this look so charming ♥


io donna

tribal eztextiles
ph: forever21 | barneys | oraclefox | vogue china | tfs | biba

i am crazy for bright tribal prints right now- especially tribal accessories.
love that they can be mixed + matched so easily unlike other prints out there.
as with all my print obsessions, i went on EZ TEXTILES for some more inspiration.
i am a huge supporter of EZ TEXTILES... it is the world's largest online library of
production-ready, royalty-free digital textile designs, which make it a must have
site for designers, decorators, DIY-ers + the print crazy like me.
my friend helped launch the site, so please visit their BLOG + show some ♥!




1. Obakki Clemente Blouse
2. Elizabeth and James Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses
3. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in It's Raining Men
4. Alexander Wang Marion Mini Flap Bag
5. Torn by Ronny Kobo Astrid Striped Miniskirt
6. Proenza Schouler Basket Weave Open Toe Pumps

io donna | vogue nippon | vogue uk